'CONFESSIONS OF THE GODS: An Encyclopaedia of the Shaman' {343 pages coil binding}

author of 1979 novel 'The Powwow Highway', made into a feature film in 1987 by George Harrison

Lived in Libya 3 years, adolescent apprenticeship, acting and writing at Theatre of Dionysos

flying many times from the Death World, over his ancestors' Arizona home at meteor crater and sacred Flagstaff Peaks in the background

classic Shaman


Opening pages of CONFESSIONS OF THE GODS included in the new anthology from Northern Arizona Authors Association.

Shaman of Flagstaff and Roswell, born 1947

On extreme right on a camel, with his family, 1962, under the head of the Sphinx - Osiris

plays Sitting Bull in 1971 on stage, joins Medicine Elders in the American Indian Movement {AIM}

Spirit Protector Tatanka Iyotake - 1967, Death, fatal sickness for 3 years, journeys many times in The Other World

Abductions of his parents at Roswell and Flagstaff, and his grandfather (tomb)